Let’s Start Writing 101: Day 1

I start the Writing 101 challenge with a 20 minute free rant.

20 minute timer started. Let’s start writing. I guess this will be short sentences in no coherent manner. Supposed to write for 20 minutes without stopping. Luckily thought runs faster than fingers on a keyboard. Post should not stand as testament to my typing speed. Post will be rambling about nothing. Sister watching Shingeki no Kyojin. That manga is so good, and the anime has delivered too. Something about RULES OF NATURE and negativity on the internet. Thinking of leaving a particular group. Mostly unedited post. Damnit.

Writing 101 is a challenge that I hope will help me improve my blogging habit. Doing the challenges would discipline me in writing continuously, as this post is doing, and hopefully teach me about forms of writing and improving my personal style. I hate small mistakes in typing – I mostly carry on before realizing and end up backspacing all the way like a retard (hang political correctness) instead of using the mouse.

A little trouble going on with the house situation in Bangalore. Everyone is leaving or not leaving, and bothering me about security deposits and shit. Can’t do much in this situation but wait for everyone’s position to become clear. I hate situations like that, because there’s nothing to DO to actively fix the situation. Also, construction work going on outside now, at midnight. Want to take that jackhammer being used and ram it in the genitals of the worker using it, and the asshole that sanctioned this late night project.

I treat stuff I want to do and stuff to be done as projects. I find the concept fascinating and effective, but a 20 minute free rant is not the place to elaborate on the advantages and benefits of this system. Seriously, want to rip that jackhammer apart.

I’ve been wearing glasses for over 7 years now, but recently it feels like I can’t tolerate them anymore. A diet high in vegetables (and high in everything else) or something has helped improve my vision. I don’t feel the need for glasses anymore. So I just take them off for hours and sometimes days on end. When I wear them again, I think I’m watching things in HD.

I find the WordPress editor too cluttered for my writing, which is probably why I don’t write too much on the blog. It may also have something to do with me being 22 years old and barely knowing anything. I do think that I have all the direction in my life as I could need, and I can definitely see that I’m more knowledgeable about and comfortable with who I am. Still, there is a lot of restless energy in me that just prevents me from sitting down to write. On a similar note, my reading is down to zero. I haven’t read a book cover to cover in months. This is a serious issue, but all I want to right now is wash this bad taste out of my mouth (milk) and go downstairs and break that jackhammer into pieces. Must start working on my attention span and stuff. I notice that my free-thinking is much more profane than how I write, but that’s not really news to me.

Speaking of news, I downloaded the Times of India app today, remembering to remove the Hindu. I’d used it before on my old phone, and was happy with it then, but now, after a long hiatus from the news, I find this app a breath of fresh freaking air. It’s beautiful. Very well and clearly defined and broken into segments, and gives me notifications about breaking news segments (which I can turn off if I want, but I don’t because I’m woefully underinformed).

I have 4 more minutes of free writing to do. I’ve been feeling really unhealthy and fat lately, as I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Feeling disgusted with my body. My FPiTS is acting up too. Again, don’t want to start anything right now because the return to Bangalore is soon. But it is not imminent, and it is frustrating to wait and waste days. Keeping busy with the blog and art and other stuff, but it still feels like a massive waste. A conversation I had (I should write about that) revealed that my biggest problem is I’m too hard on myself (whoop-de-do, I’m a movie cliche). So, I’m not very happy nowadays and am quite abrasive in daily life. 40 seconds. Time to get my shameless plugs in. Hopefully that jackhammer will turn down soon. Please, just.

WWE is doing awesome on the creative front right now.

If you liked this free rant mess, please let me know! If you’re also participating in the challenge, give me a link in the comments below and I will read your post. 🙂 You can find my other stuff in my _Library_. Will be doing the Writing 101 challenge and will hopefully complete it. Deep breath.

Thank you for reading! 😀