Blue Hair

I colored my hair blue and I’m glad most people didn’t care.

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This is a true short post, as Microblog Mondays should be. My hair is now blue. I just wanted to say how heartening I found it that people didn’t care my hair is blue. Barring a couple of people, nobody stared on the streets. Nobody pointed and laughed. Nobody cared, which is perfect. That is how it should be.

I colored my hair because hair is a big part of physical identity. The first time I got my hair coloured (November, Burgundy) I felt relief. I felt in control of my body/self, and I completely understood why two friends and my sister had all shaved their heads off. It’s very freeing. It doesn’t feel like your family, friends, and society all have fish hooks in your mouth.

It might be a fleeting feeling, but I’ll ride it while I can. I have other semi-permanent colours ready with me. I might change in a few months. We live in a free country, mostly.

Everyone should have their own lives to live, and automatically nobody will have time to care about superficial or cosmetic changes in other people. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to tell others how to live. I’m sure there will be people who cannot mind their own business, and I’ll have to face unnecessary and rude questioning about this blue hair. But for now, I’m happy.

I’d smile but I looked like a potato for some reason.

Everybody is controlled in some way or another. We all have social hooks that pull us in different directions. Have you ever felt fully in control of your own body or mind?