How Easy Good Habits Feel for Me Right Now

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So this week I didn’t want to continue the thread of motivation like I’ve been doing on Mondays. I’m being a little more loose and personal this week. I don’t care about SEO and readability and other jazz of blog maintenance.

By far, the most pressing goal I’ve had in my mind for the last 6 months has been to lose weight. I gained 14 kg over the course of my year of depression, going from 68 to 82. In November, I restarted taking care of my body but I wasn’t making much progress.

Over the next few months, I gained a lot of muscle, but I hadn’t lost a shred of weight. I still haven’t.

However, I have learned so much about nutrition and exercise in the last few months – dispelling fitness myths that we peddle without thought on a daily basis. And now, after a slow month and a half of dried motivation and a possible return of depression, I’m suddenly finding it easy to stick to better eating and working out.

I don’t know what changed, but I’m eating more protein, less fat, and I’m finally back in the gym. Yesterday, when I checked my weight, it was 78.8 – some progress. Again, these things fluctuate easily (water weight) but it was the first time in over a year that I saw the number seventy-eight on the scale, and that refilled my well of motivation.

In general, motivation and willpower are very overrated assets. They run out. I’ve learned that health is a lifestyle, not a diet or a workout program, and hopefully, over the next 9 months, I will have ingrained good fitness and nutrition habits in my life.

I feel like I’m writing this for myself, not for you, the reader, and that’s okay. Everybody should allow themselves that. I haven’t written for myself in a long time – the problem being that I’ve become so one-track-minded that I find it hard to write fiction or stories that I like. But I feel positive.

I feel positive.

This blog will now resume its scheduled programming. 🙂 I’ve been very diligent about conducting Talkback interviews, and tomorrow’s is a great one. It’ll be out at 9 AM IST.

I normally end my blog posts with “Thank you for reading.”, because I really mean it, but today, I’m telling myself – thank you for writing.