Heat and Dirt make Jack Unhappy

#MicroblogMondays 15/3/16 on a Tuesday! :/ Blog updates + talking about heat and dirt, and energy combining to form a motivation well.

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Hey look! It’s #MicroblogMondays! On a Tuesday! …err. Let’s blame it on heat and dirt this time.

The last 7 days have been a whirlwind of emotion for me. But isn’t that every week? I don’t know. I am in a haze of office work and Recipe lab worries. I can’t seem to tell 2 days apart and am autopiloting frequently.

Let’s first talk about heat and dirt. Bangalore’s been bitch-slapped by the sun – sweat dripping from it’s red stinging face. My new house (six months I’ve been here) is a heatbox – being on the 4th floor, as I’ve mentioned before. Radical measures are being taken for cooling. As usual, I manage to get the house messy quickly. Maybe I should declutter – dispose of things I don’t need.

The combination of heat and dirt in a house, making it a messy steam room has been a huge sap of energy. I feel like I haven’t been able to get anything done. No Letters went out on Saturday. No Microblog yesterday. But I got office work done. And I managed to make 1 more meal for Recipe Lab next week. Oh gosh Recipe Lab is next week… stress It’ll be great guys… Enjoy the food I make, that consumes me and my kitchen rather than the other way around.

It’s fine. It’ll be great. I think. No it will be! So what if my flimsy discipline and body clock have been messed up? Work is getting done, and those will come back into focus soon enough.

I’m a little scared about how quickly I go into auto-pilot these days. It’s okay because auto-pilot is efficient when it needs to be and stuff gets done, but it’s very disarming for a control freak like me.

Question – What is your relationship like with control? Do you let yourself go with the flow? Or do you need to micromanage every aspect of your life? Leave a comment below!