#MicroblogMondays Week 3, 2016

Week 3 of #MicroblogMondays – with a theme of body clock this week, the posts seem to be an exercise of humble pie for me.

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This week, the theme is body clock. Now I have first-hand experience with letting your body clock spiral out of control, and this week’s posts serve as a reminder to myself that I should really write these as much in advance as I can. 😛 I’m yet to write the other four posts.

I’ll tackle some pros and cons of body clock rigidity in this week’s Appreciating – how, as an adult, I feel the need to regulate it, and how a rigid body clock is helpful to make tasks, especially unpleasant ones, routine and automatic, thereby easier to maintain and continue doing.

#TalkbackTuesday will feature a guest who knows all too well how important it is to maintain sleep patterns and work schedule.

Letters to Myself this week will see a more positive feedback to myself, at least from what I can tell so far, so that’s good. 🙂

Finally, last week on #FridayFiction, you saw the story begin its narrative post the introduction of both major characters. Without being spoiler-y, this week you’ll see the cliffhanger from last week resolved in a confrontation-heavy chapter! You can read last week’s post Right Here.

With a little difficulty, I’m falling into a groove with the blog. The key to maintaining this rate of posting, while also making them interesting for you to read, is to plan the theme of the week in advance and write accordingly.

I’m worried about next week, because it is the fourth week of the month, and I have something special planned as I’ve indicated before. I hope I can pull it off – it has been somewhat in demand from friends and family. 🙂

Your feedback is deeply appreciated. If you have theme suggestions for Appreciating, please comment below. Also, I have a ton of coding to do to adjust the blog design to my liking. If you have any design feedback, please don’t hesitate to tell me below!

Thank you for reading! Next, check out last week’s #MicroblogMondays Right Here.