#MicroblogMondays – February Begins! Blog Changes

Week 5 of #MicroblogMondays – February begins and changes are in order. Also, good to get feedback.

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The new month February is upon us and I’m going strong on maintaining both my resolutions and this blog so far. January has been a success in my books, though it took a good toll on my health.

Life is about moving forwards and upwards, right? Which is why we look back, and make changes to what we don’t like – and that is what I need to do to keep the momentum going while improving my health and efficiency.

In light of that, I’ve decided on these 3 changes for the blog for February.

  1. Regular Feature posts will now be published Monday (Microblog), Tuesday (Talkback), Thursday (Appreciating), Friday (Fiction) and Saturday (Letters). This allows me to take a break in the middle of the week if I don’t pre-write the posts. Also, keeping Letters to Myself on Saturday is a nice bookend to the week, and I can put it up even after Recipe Lab.
  2. Regular Feature posts will now be published at 2 PM instead of 10 AM. Makes it easier for me to make edits if necessary.
  3. Posts in the week will no longer be tied to a theme (except RecipeLab). It makes it harder to conduct the interviews for Talkback and delays the whole process.

I might also put out some individual posts aside from the regular features. I have some plans, so watch out for that.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How was January for you? What are changes you want to make going forward? Is change overrated?

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