The Importance of Cleaning + Blog Updates

#MicroblogMondays Feb 29, 2016 – Free flow post about importance of cleaning, house getting out of hand, headaches, and blog updates.

Hi to you. I have a screaming headache. In the last 4 days, I’ve had headaches every now and then.

My house has been filthy, and I hadn’t realized it. I’d been cleaning and rearranging every now and then, but I guess maybe I didn’t go into the issue. I’m just going to go grab a coke zero. Be right back.

Back. Went and bought about 3 days’ supply of Coke zero. In the last month, I’ve redeveloped a taste for it. I did some reading into it, and evaporated one can in a pan to check the sugar content and there wasn’t any – it all evaporated. Don’t really care about health conspiracies regarding artificial sweeteners. It’s a better way to get caffeine than destroying your house with spoilt milk.

I just googled spoilt vs spoiled. Spoilt is fine – it’s the participle. Reminds me that I wanted to take a thorough lesson in English grammar. Back to spoilt milk.

2 weeks ago, I was insanely busy with multiple events needing my attention. One day, I forgot some milk outside, and it soured by the evening when I came back from work. I disposed of it, but my attention being called away, I didn’t have time to tackle the growing pile of dishes. Turns out, a milk pan attracts a lot of fruit flies.

My fridge seemed to stop cooling. Food inside the fridge was getting spoilt too. How does that work? There were flies in there too – what the hell?

Flies, dishes, clothes lying about, a film of dust across the house – all parts of a larger whole – an unhealthy environment that gave me splitting headaches, brought down my mood, and undid the progress I was making for the last 3 months on my anxiety + depression.

I didn’t want to write for the blog. It’s getting harder to keep myself motivated, despite the leniency I’ve allowed myself over the last month. The headache doesn’t want me to write. On Saturday, I wrote myself a very angry, cussy letter over a bunch of issues. I showed it to my friend P and he said it doesn’t need to go out. I cleaned it up, and that was the Letters to Myself this week.

The angry letter (the actual one) was helpful. It allowed me to create an automatic trigger between my anger (heat-up motivation) and one of my relief methods (cool down from sadness) so that I can make sure I don’t get too negatively inclined while still maintaining some consistency of motivation.

I cleaned out every inch of my fridge I could. I scrubbed all the dishes hard. I put away most clothes, and I swept and mopped the house. There’s still work to be done, but the environment is significantly cleaner than before. The goal is now to maintain consistency and keep it as close to clean for as long as possible without needing a massive overhaul.

For the blog in March, the new posting schedule remains the same. There’ll be Talkback Tuesdays (some interviews conducted already, yay), Appreciating on Thursday (topics for the entire month planned, so that’s good), Letters on Saturday, and maybe a couple of Letter Replies on Sundays. Microblog Mondays might be more posts like this. Quite therapeutic, really. If posts go out at 2:00 pm, you’ll know I successfully wrote them in advance.

Also, it’s time to execute some thematic changes to the blog. Note to self: March 15 is deadline. Make the time to do it.

I’d really like some feedback on the Recipe Lab posts. For March, I’m thinking chocolate – so 5 chocolate recipes, both sweet and savoury. But it’s not worth writing about it if it is not helping anybody – Instagram and Facebook are fine for posting just pictures. If you think my recipes are worth your time, please leave a comment below. If you don’t know about Recipe Lab, here are the two I’ve done – the posts explain themselves:
Recipe Lab January: Lentils / Daals
Recipe Lab February: Sandwiches

The headache is back. More cleaning to be done. Cleaning really improves the mood, and my health is slowly back on track too. I feel motivated to work out – a little. One of my relatives is a Pranic Healer, and they offered to clean my energy body in December when I met them last. Maybe I should look that up. For now, I need a shower.

Without really thinking about it, I’ve written over 700 words here. I should write a tl;dr version.

tl;dr version

House was rotten. Gave it a thorough cleaning over weekend. Work to go.

Angry letter on Saturday that readers didn’t get to see seems to be working.

March Recipe Lab is chocolate. Need feedback on Recipe Lab’s usefulness or if I should stop. Please leave comment below this post. Thanks.

Need a shower. Bye!