Earn your Weekends for a Sustainable Life

Create a work plan of achievable goals for the week just enough to earn your weekends. It’s a sustainable way to be productive without burning out.

A couple of weeks ago, I described how every Monday is a New Year. In that post, I described getting more out of your week by planning it on Sunday evening. Specifically, I tried planning and preparing my meals on Sunday to take the stress out of good nutrition.

What if you extended that to your feeling of contribution and self-worth? Continue reading “Earn your Weekends for a Sustainable Life”

Let Habits Percolate Deep Into Your Soil

A good life is nothing but a sum of good habits guided by a set of good principles. The good news? Habits are trainable, and hence life is manageable.

For Dust thou art; and unto dust shalt thou return.

The body is a mud vessel for the mind, and like mud should it be treated – water and nurture, and you shall see growth. But fester and poison, and it shall grow barren.

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All the Wild Hair

Daily prompt where I describe two cool cousins and talk about hair, with the help of gifs!

Why didn’t I look at today’s Daily Prompt earlier? I love it! And I love it because I have some fantastic cousins, whom I’ll talk about here.

First comes my elder sister Parul. She’s first because she’s the one I talk to the most. She’s a graphic designer, freelancer, former entrepreneur and a bevy of other things. Here, I’ll shill her too: Some of her Work . Continue reading “All the Wild Hair”

The Most Boring Response Ever

I talk about a key that opens anything, but I would never use it.

Today’s Daily Prompt says that I have a golden key that can open any ONE building, room, locker, or box. What would I do with it.

So yeah, mine is the most boring response ever: I probably wouldn’t use it. Like the RPG player I am, the logic would be the same as with health and mana potions – “Gee I better not use this and save this for an important time.” and I reach end-game with 800 potions in my inventory. Continue reading “The Most Boring Response Ever”

Learning To Customize My Phone

Daily Prompt for 13-Nov-14. I talk about chicanery involving my phone and customization.

So today’s Daily Post is a complete free writing assignment. The limit is 10 minutes. I’d done a free write once before, when I was still doing the Writing 101 challenge. Begin!

Today, the prompt comes at a time when I’m sort of obsessing over my phone. A few months ago, my friend convinced me to unlock/root my Moto G (2013), and I had done so, choosing to use the Xposed Framework to tweak the system. I liked the additional amount of control I got over the phone, and had been using it like that since. At the same time, I was working on several things, one of which was a paint job on a Moto G flip cover. Continue reading “Learning To Customize My Phone”

Oil and Water make fantastic Curry

Daily Prompt 11-11-14: The person most different, and how I get along with them.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks who among my close ones is most different from myself, and what makes it possible for us to get along.

I don’t have to look far – it’s my significant other. In our case, I’m the oil, and she’s the water. I heat up quickly and burn those in my path, while she can take a lot without changing, and heals those in her path. Continue reading “Oil and Water make fantastic Curry”

Hello Again, Here I Am.

Daily Prompt for 22nd September, 2014 – Introducing yourself in 4 minutes.

Hi my name is Vaibhav Gupta and I’m a bit of a jackhole. I’m 22 years old and by way of introduction, here are the defining experiences and principles of my life. Continue reading “Hello Again, Here I Am.”

Secret-keeping: Genetics or Upbringing?

The Daily Challenge sounds like a juicy topic, but is rather droll for me. Can I keep a secret? Have I ever spilled the beans?

Of course I can’t! Of course I have. i’m by my own admission a motormouth, a sliptongue, JabberJaws™ himself. Continue reading “Secret-keeping: Genetics or Upbringing?”

My Very Own ThinkSpace

Based on the prompt on 5th June 2014.

One night, at 2 AM, I decide to get out of bed, after finally deciding that sleep is not visiting tonight. I start talking to my friend about nothing in particular and I head to the bathroom. I turn on the light and go in. We talk about random stuff before she decides to go to sleep. Alone again, oh well. When I come out though, I stop. There’s a door in front of my bathroom – a door that wasn’t there previously. Continue reading “My Very Own ThinkSpace”

Red and Alone

A hungry man will not think twice before eating burnt or overly salty food. A homeless man will not shy away from dirty cardboard boxes. Similarly a lonely man will talk to anybody.

Ever wanted to just get away from everything and everyone? Ever felt so bad that you stopped talking altogether and locked yourself away? If such a situation has occurred, have you thought about running away, escaping, maybe even ending it all?
Then hours or maybe days later, did you have a change of heart?

The Daily Post asks us what we would miss about earth if we had to leave it. For me, that’d be the people. All the people – the nice family, the shitty judgmental family, the close friends, the distant friends, the assholes, the rude, maybe even the backstabbers. Because from my little experience on this planet, I’ve never felt anything worse than loneliness. It has the combined impact of sadness, craziness, hopelessness and anger on me. I’ve never been clinically depressed, or at least never consulted someone about it, and so I don’t know about depression, but loneliness is at the absolute top of my list of things I never want to feel.

A hungry man will not think twice before eating burnt or overly salty food. A homeless man will not shy away from dirty cardboard boxes. Similarly a lonely man will talk to anybody. Petty squabbles and fights are forgotten when you have no one else to talk to. This is probably one of the reasons why teenagers are so image-conscious (I was one up till 3 years ago, I know a bit at least) – they go through so many emotions and pressures and growth phases, that they dread any more bad feelings.

There is a heart-wrenching scene in the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.

*WARNING! POSSIBLE SPOILERS. Highlight the paragraph below to see the text.*

Walter is in a cabin where Saul’s guy put him, in order to transition him into a new life with a new identity. At the end of the first month, when the man comes back to replenish Walt’s supplies, Walt softly asks him to stay. “Stay a little longer? … Two hours? I’ll– I’ll give you another $10,000. Please?” It broke my heart. And even more so, when the guy accepts the ten thousand dollars but only in exchange for 1 hour. For all the money that Walt scraped together, in the end, he was alone. His family had deserted him and he was begging for company, which even then was denied him. It was a heart-wrenching scene.


People are wonderful. In the long run, we tend to find the number of people we need, and we find that many people. Sometimes we manage to do it in the short term too. I’ve always felt that my number is 3. At any time, I need 3 friends/family members to be happy. Here are some names:

  • Kaustubh, Aman, Pranav
  • Kaustubh, Pranav, Saubhagya
  • Kaustubh, Pranav, Saket
  • Kaustubh, Siddharth, Aman
  • Siddharth, Rishabh, Somdatta ; Harsh, Ayush, Kishan
  • Paritosh, Navratan, Anmol; Srishma, Sneha, Amala
  • Paritosh, Navratan, Raunaq; Srishma, Sneha, Yajnaseni; Sanjana, Alekhya, Vibha
  • Vibha, Srishma, Sneha; Paritosh, Navratan, Raunaq
  • Vibha, Puja, Aakriti;  Paritosh, Navratan, Raunaq
  • Vibha; Puja, Bharath, Animesh;  Paritosh, Navratan, Raunaq

These names are meaningless to you, the reader, but to me, they are the most important names in my life. These are the people I’ve always leaned on, sometimes even unfairly; the people I have shared my dreams and hopes and doubts and confusions with. Each bullet point represents a phase of my life. Aside from one, who is special, everyone else is in a group of 3. These people are the ones to whom I’ve not been afraid to give myself in entirety. There have been terrible people, and there have been good people who became bad, and they don’t exist in my life anymore. There are people who don’t gel with me, who don’t like me. Some even hate me. It doesn’t matter, because I have the people I want to live life with.

If there is anything I’m saying here, it is this – we are all highly hopeful and optimistic people in the long run. We all want to lead happy fulfilling lives, and we want people to share our lives with. If I’m headed to Mars, you can be sure there will be 3 people with me.

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