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Hi guys,

So it’s been near two weeks since I wrote something. Such a shame, because the blog was just starting to pick up. šŸ˜›

I’ve been insanely busy though, what with wrapping up college projects and laboratory records and whatnot, and trying to find time with friends and make grand gestures of nostalgic camaraderie. :/
Anyway, I’m sorry for the slack, and this is a short piece to tell you about stuff that I’ll put up soon.

I recently bought a new phone (and with my own money no less), and I love it, so I might put up an end-user review here. The device in question is the Motorola Moto G.

There’s a grand gesture of nostalgic camaraderie coming up tomorrow (postponed from today), so I will document it and put it up soon, hopefully by Saturday evening (IST).

I also loved the Weekly Writing ChallengeĀ and the concept of imagesets of 3,Ā so I will probably write something in that capacity soon.

I have about 20 ideas and drafts for Assorted Essays, but I doubt you’ll see any of those this week. Sorry. šŸ™‚

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Alright, back to feeling suicidal over my college project. See you guys soon! šŸ™‚

The 2 A.M. Friend

Being so lazy that one complains of being cooped in the house yet doesn’t get up to go out (despite getting the monthly allowance) really opens one up to a wide array of feelings, a prominent one being loneliness. In this case, I’m not talking about the mind-numbing, soul-sucking and hope-crushing loneliness that we honestly only rarely ever feel, but more of the ant-bite annoying type of loneliness.

And I find myself feeling this hindrance late into the night, when the major portion of the normal curve is fast asleep, and when the insomniacs, the call center employees, the overachievers, the cat burglars, the college student with a project due the next day and the other half of the world start stretching their legs.

I believe a little loneliness and a little rejection goes a long way in preventing a person from becoming a privileged porcelain doll.

One Piece - Luffy vs. Tenryuubito
Luffy gives this Tenryuubito a little rejection.

But really all I wanted to establish was the importance of having friends you can talk to. This article demonstrates that (Note how I subtly enforced the stereotype of Canadians being the friendliest people in the world).

We know that as a society develops, our needs are met and our wants slowly become our new needs. In an age where we have the internet infinite information and distractions at our disposal to keep us busy for years on end if need be, I, despite being a generally responsible and controlled individual, find myself awake quite late into the night. At such a time, I find a 2 A.M. friendĀ indispensable.

A 2 A.M. friend is simply that – A friend who like you findsĀ themselvesĀ regularly up late and therefore make a habit of talking/chatting/texting you regularly. I find this person an awesome friend to have, and that is probably why I have only had generally awesome people as my nocturnal companion.

No, You're awesome!

I can count these special people on my fingers, and it is very comforting to talk to someone late at night. I guess that’s possible because most of the people on this half of the world are asleep at such times, making moments with these friends much more private and hence more intimate.

I find that I never consciously made someone a late contact. It just happens on its own, and this person is generally one of the 3 people I’m close to at the time.

(I find that people only need a set number of friends at any given time to be happy. For me, that number is 3. At any given time, I can point out the 3 people who are my best friends. It is a rotating circle.)

In short, I’d like to point out some of the major pros of having someone to talk to at night.

  • Confidant – I find myself opening up to this person more than I do to others, often discussing both personal thoughts and philosophies, as well as plans, advice and secrets.
  • Peaceful Conversation – The conversation is never rushed, because time is the thing that we have most.
  • Minimal Disturbance – A calm night entails lack of traffic and a nice breeze. In such a scenario, I only wish to have someone to share this peaceful feeling with.
  • Bond development – Since I tend to share more, I tend to receive more, and this helps me get closer to someone that I care about.

However, everything has cons, and I guess one is getting too attached to the other person. I’m fairly sensitive (although this is not apparent to those who know me personally) and I care deeply about people I become close to. So, when it starts to fade, I feel that both sides are hurt by it. Again, this is not always the case, rather it is a personal quirk, but one must say that if you find yourself in needĀ of someone to talk to at night, you are probably equally or more sensitive.

I’d love to get your thoughts on the ideas presented in this piece. As you can see, it’s not a pressing issue or anything of major relevance, but it is something that I’ve found enriches my life. So please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate.

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