Being Good is Not Your Default State

Misconception Month – Good, not Apathetic. An article about the common, incorrect belief that we’re great people, and that it takes effort to be bad.

It’s comforting to believe that you’re a good person. We all do it. We’ve wired ourselves to not really think about how we perceive morality and where we stand on our own scale of judgment.

The scale is often freely applied to other people and events, but a ton of people forget to look inwards first. It’s not really their fault. It’s just conditioning and a byproduct of our societal obsession with winning and being right. Continue reading “Being Good is Not Your Default State”

WrestleMania 30: The Entertainment Extravaganza

Here follows my quick short review of WrestleMania 30, partly because after months and months, I have been satisfied by a PPV event, the last one being SummerSlam. Since then, each PPV has been a disappointment, bar The Shield, and screwy finishes and bad booking led to a very noticeable drop in ratings for the WWE. However, WrestleMania is the time they get their stuff together, and this time around, the extra effort showed in spades, with great match after great segment.

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