Standing Still – 4 Warning Signs To Beware

Appreciating 2016-03-07 – Talking about the feeling of standing still, laziness, progress, and needing to constantly motivate yourself.

Have you ever worked from home while your family or roommates are out daily? Have you ever lived alone? If yes, chances are that at some point, you’ve felt like you’re standing still.

In a pressure-driven society, it’s impossible to be comfortable with standing still. We’re always pushed to make progress, to proceed, and to make more, buy more, consume more. While that societal trend is in itself questionable, there is no doubt that not making progress or working towards goals leads to a very lonely, dull, and ultimately unfulfilled life.

I’ve gone through the following little things that stood out to me. If you identify with any of the following cases, there’s a good chance you’re standing still.

Laziness to Leave the House

I live alone, and to fill up my time, I’ve set up multiple activities for myself. I’m allowed to work from home, but lately I’ve made a concerted effort to go to office – which is stupidly close by the way. I have a dance class and the office gym to go to, with the motivation being to lose weight and become healthier.Megan Fox - Leaving House | Standing Still - Appreciating | Thorough and Unkempt

The problem arises when I don’t want to go to those places – when I don’t want to get up and leave the house and go to a class or a meeting or a friend’s place. This laziness is both a cause and effect of a rigidity in the body, where the muscles are clenched and stressed. It tires the body out and affects the mind, and in it, like a deadly parasite, the laziness becomes self-sustaining.

Laziness to Self Sustain

In that vein, the self-sustaining laziness, ironically, stops me sometimes from sustaining myself. Too lazy to cook, but also too lazy to go downstairs and eat at a cheap joint. Solution? Throw money at it, and order in.

Too lazy to wash the dishes, so let the kitchen fester and breed illness. Too lazy to do laundry so let it pile up.

I’ve been through it, and only when it got really bad did I get shocked into action, and so I cleaned. An obscene amount of force is required to shake the cobwebs out of one’s head when laziness becomes regular.

Standing Still while Going Somewhere

Once I was headed to a class, and had been walking to the bus stop. Slowly, I stopped. I blinked. What happened? Nothing. I just stopped. Why?

That was the incident that inspired this article. At the moment, I was acutely aware of tension in my shoulders and arms. It was the rigidity of laziness, making me stop and just bob back and forth unable to form a thought.Cyanide and Happiness comic - Force Quit | Standing Still - Appreciating | Thorough and Unkempt

Keep in mind that this incident lasted all of maybe ten seconds – certainly not more than that.

Still it is definitely a warning sign if you hang, like old Windows OS used to do. Speaking of which…

Shutting Down

Standing Still - Appreciating | Thorough and UnkemptYes, it is a computer analogy, for a good reason. When you get used to standing still, it reduces your work potential. You get tired quicker, annoyed quicker and frustrated quicker. Eventually, if your sleep cycle is not correct, or you don’t eat correctly, you have a breakdown.

I call my breakdown a shutdown because it takes the form of sleep. I fall asleep early in the evening, and sleep for anywhere from 10 to 13 hours (The record is 16 hours). The next day, I wake up a little sore but refreshed and ready to work.

It’s fine to occasionally shutdown if it doesn’t interfere with your life (it is important to rest) – but if it happens too often, or if it takes precedence over your normal work and life, then it’s a red flag for serious issues that you might want to get checked out.


Bottom line is this – you don’t have to give in to a hectic lifestyle. If you’re content with yourself and your situation, then that’s fine. However, there’s a big difference between being content and being lazy – if you find that any of the four signs apply to you, it might be an issue of motivation, and not fulfillment.

What do you think? Do you shed the hectic environment of the world? Do you have issues with motivation? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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