Every Monday is a New Year

#Microblog New Year resolutions fail because of lack of planning and dedication. Reaffirm your goals every Sunday by planning your week.

You’ve heard the story about New Year’s Eve. We all know the cockamamie culture around setting resolutions by the 1st of January and forgetting them by the 10th.

I personally believe in New Year’s resolutions – I believe that priming your brain to do better is a legitimate way to be better than you are. I’ve so far kept up with my plans. The issue is in two things: dedication, and planning. There are three aspects to this: definition, achievability, and grinding. Continue reading “Every Monday is a New Year”

Say Hello to TaU 2.0!

Hello and thanks for coming!

Three weeks ago, I posted over at Thorough and Unkempt (v1.0)¬†that something big is coming. Today, I can proudly say that it’s here. With the help and blessings of my friend Nishant Vora, I bought a domain and set up my very own website.¬†[Widget_Twitter id=”1″] Continue reading “Say Hello to TaU 2.0!”