How to Do Simple Priming to Keep Yourself Motivated

Your brain is wired to constantly make connections.. Use this to your advantage with the priming effect – controlling the associations you make.

This past weekend, my roommate Jester was out of town. While leaving on Friday, he innocuously said, “Make good decisions.” Aware of how up and down my mood and performance has been over the last few months, he probably meant it as simple motivation.

It worked. Continue reading “How to Do Simple Priming to Keep Yourself Motivated”

Every Monday is a New Year

#Microblog New Year resolutions fail because of lack of planning and dedication. Reaffirm your goals every Sunday by planning your week.

You’ve heard the story about New Year’s Eve. We all know the cockamamie culture around setting resolutions by the 1st of January and forgetting them by the 10th.

I personally believe in New Year’s resolutions – I believe that priming your brain to do better is a legitimate way to be better than you are. I’ve so far kept up with my plans. The issue is in two things: dedication, and planning. There are three aspects to this: definition, achievability, and grinding. Continue reading “Every Monday is a New Year”

Monday Muse: My Problem with “Thandaa Khoon”

“Garam Khoon” (hot blood) to describe young people – people who are restless, energetic and/or progressive. “Thandaa khoon” (cold blood) is a term I made up to signify the opposite – old people; or people who have no energy, are placid, or are unmotivated.

Today morning was a back-in-control sort of thing for me, especially considering that the Diwali celebrations just ended.┬áRecently, I’ve started taking a bus to office and today, a guy sitting opposite me (the seats were facing each other) was eyeballing me all trip. Continue reading “Monday Muse: My Problem with “Thandaa Khoon””