Appreciating The New Year

Appreciating 2016-01-06 – Talking about New Year’s day and new year parties.

Every week I take a concept or event so I can say good things about it. Even negative aspects can be helpful sometimes. Welcome to Appreciating.

Here we are again. You’ve been here before. It’s the time of year when you convince yourself that you are the paragon of discipline and consistency.  Continue reading “Appreciating The New Year”

#MicroblogMondays Week 1, 2016

#MicroblogMondays Week 1, 2016. Hello again.

The New Year is upon us. I have a new ambitious posting schedule, but I don’t want to put it out there in detail, only because I’ve shot myself in the foot many times. I’m pre-writing and scheduling posts as much as I can, and hopefully I will have everything in place for your reading pleasure.

Do note that Appreciating returns as a weekly feature, but it’ll be on Wednesdays instead, so I can do #MicroblogMondays. This week’s Appreciating will be about the new year.

As you might have already seen, #FridayFiction is another weekly that started last Friday. The story of Clarissa Williams will be in 12 parts, so expect one every Friday, except the last week of every month. That’s reserved for something else. 😉

This new, ambitious schedule is one-thirteenth of my New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe I’ll write a detailed post about it soon. What are your resolutions this year? How do you plan to achieve them? Leave a comment below with your answers. 🙂

Also, suggest a sign-off phrase? So far, I’ve always ended with –
Thank you for reading.

My First New Year

I talk about freedom and how I can’t seem to handle it. It is my first new year as a fully functioning adult.

Cutting straight to the point minus any fluff, I’m starting to feel really down again.  [1] I realized that this is the first new year where my life is in my control. Up until last year, I was in school and/or college, and the sequence of events were more or less set. I had to get promoted through classes and pass hurdles (exams) – it was like a closed-world role-playing game. Wrong choices ended up in backtrackable dead-ends, and eventually I would find the “right” path. Continue reading “My First New Year”

Is New Year’s Day Important?

I talk about New Year’s Day and its supposed importance.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “New Year, New Me”. You’ve possibly used this phrase yourself. You probably know that about 8 times out of 10 it turns out to be garbage, and I’m being generous.

It’s a thing. 1st January, the beginning of the new year in the Roman calendar, is a day of many, many promises being made. Only a few are ever kept, but that’s a different matter. Why is it that promises are made on 1/1? Continue reading “Is New Year’s Day Important?”

New Year, New Beginnings at Oracle

Hi guys.
If I hadn’t mentioned it explicitly before, I am graduating next month and the next phase of my life, or “project” if you will, will be at Oracle Server Technologies, where I have been offered a position as a technical writer. As part of the fresher process, I was asked to write a short piece which would be published on Oracle’s blog. This is the original post, which did not get published because of an understandable lapse in time. You can’t exactly put a new year post in April (UNLESS… you’re talking about the financial/academic year! :O ). Anyway, I’m reproducing this here and the published piece in another post for your enjoyment.

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