Is Outrage Culture Strong?

#MicroblogMondays Mar 7, 2016 – Short post about outrage culture, political fatigue, anger and Boogie2988’s latest video.

So there’s a popular YouTuber by the name of Boogie2988 whom I recently discovered for myself and he released a video about Outrage Culture earlier today. He’s a nice, level-headed vlogger that makes different types of content – gaming content, commentary on the gaming industry and online culture, and about weight struggles, and in general, about current events.

He released a video earlier today about how the current generation of people, both young and old, abuse the gift of the internet. People abuse this wonderful, amazing global network that our species has created.

I found it very relevant to content I come across everyday. The YouTube comment section and several messageboards online (4chan, reddit, tumblr etc.) are so poisonous and reactive. You might have seen this on Facebook with public photos and people commenting on it.

It’s relevant with our country as well – with so many people being part of this outrage culture. I don’t just mean about the current overly politicized JNU situation, but anything that really pops up.

It’s relevant with the US more than ever, because people are so fatigued of everything that they’re willing to support Donald Trump as the next presidential candidate. They’re so tired that they are leaning on Trump as a support mechanism to make them feel better.

It’s a scary situation. On one hand, we have the overly political correct people fighting to stop people from saying anything negative ever. Then on the other hand, we have overly antagonistic people just trying to piss everyone off. It seems like everyone is participating in outrage culture. Everyone is fighting.

What do you think? Do you think Outrage Culture is real, or are we being paranoid? Do you like to put out these fires when you see them, or do you prefer to stay away? Comment down below.

I’ve linked Boogie’s video below for reference.