Letters to Myself: Reply 1

Letters to Myself: Reply 1 is an exercise in forcing myself to step back and look at Vaibhav Gupta. Replies are the other me telling the first to chill.

Hi Vaibhav,

It’s high time I wrote a reply to you, and as usual, we’ll discuss the week, only this time it’s from my point of view.

It’s been a highly productive week, relatively. Let’s get into it.

Dance class. The reason this letter is late. I held it back on purpose so I could report on Saturday’s event. I went to practice at a different, farther location since the show was this weekend. You got in the way on Thursday, so we missed that practice. More on that later. But the show was FANTASTIC. So much waiting, and tiredness, and adrenaline, but our troup and us gave a great performance. The teacher was really happy. I was ready to collapse after getting off stage, and pulled three different muscle groups, but sir said I was very good, so that’s worth it. And we were fine two hours later, so no harm, no fowl.

Toastmasters. Our first foray into roletaking, and you knocked it out of the park as Grammarian. You kept the focus on the speakers and listened carefully, and got great feedback at the end for your report – good job on interpreting the role in an enhanced way, and do the same next week with the other role. I messed up at the table topic, LOL. Oh well. Next time’ll go better.

Gym! I killed it at the gym this week, doing long continuous cardio sessions, the last one being 40 minutes on the elliptical. Keeping you out of the way was key, so I used music, and let you practice our P1 speech by yourself so I could concentrate on working out. I went 4 times this week… I think.

Here’s the weird bit. I don’t remember what we did on Tuesday. Did we go to office and the gym? Or did we work from home? I recall going to the gym and gettingĀ some work done in the office, but I also recall watching WWE Raw, like we do every Tuesday, and we usually do that working from home. Maybe we watched after coming back – I can’t remember.

Anywho, all in all good week. Except Thursday after the Toastmasters session and the gym. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? For the brains of the outfit, you’re clearly denser than a log. We’re having a great week – we’re doing so much work, and so much satisfaction and achievement. Why do you get depressed and feel lonely and just shut down?! You had to talk to 4 different people to feel mildly better. It’s like I can’t even bask in the glory of getting tired. I ease up a little, and you just come in and shit everywhere. Seriously, control yourself.

That being said, we’re fine now. Keep it that way. I’ll stay in touch.

  • Vaibhav. <3