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Appreciating 2016-02-12 – Talking about the primary reasons to talk, its purposes and its benefits – put down in 4 reasons.

Primary reasons to talk – t­his seems like I’m reaching, right? That I’ve run out of content to talk about? Well, no. This article is intended to serve two purposes. One, to dispel the act of taking the power of speech for granted, and two, to help children and young adults, as well as people who have difficulty speaking, understand the reasons to invest time in the skill of speaking.

Every week I take a concept or event so I can say good things about it. Even negative aspects can be helpful sometimes. Welcome to Appreciating. Continue reading “4 Primary Reasons to Talk | Appreciating”

The Wooden Walking Stick: Dangers of Getting Comfortable with Comfort

What could possibly be wrong with fixing your own schedule around a flexible and comfortable deadline, and having the freedom to do whatever else you want? Let me tell you.

I was thinking of this topic today morning (at 9; It’s still morning here as I write this), and I had formed the basis and structure in my head. The word ‘atrophy’ was buzzing around. As I sat down to write, I saw an e-mail from The Daily Post: The Weekly Writing Challenge.

Intrigued because I had never done one before, I looked at it, and I made an immediate connection with this post. For anyone who has watched House M.D., you know about Dr. Gregory House’s atrophied leg and his iconic walking stick (not just the flame-print one, but also the classic polished wooden stick).

In case you don't, here.
In case you don’t, here.

This post is about the dangers of getting too comfortable with things that we do or people that we meet, lest we atrophy in a similar manner. To get a clearer idea of what I’m talking about, read on.

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