The Nerdy Girl Theory

So a TRUCKLOAD of information is available on the internet about girls who freely express themselves about HOW MUCCH OV A NERD DEY AAARE LLOOLZZ… ahem, and the unreserved rage that gamerguys, fanbois, and comic book fans have expressed over this.

Two points become clear here:

  1. In recent history, it has suddenly become (apparently) cool and fashionable for girls to proclaim their love for all things nerdy.

  2. The internet doesn’t like it.

First let’s get something clear.


So by that paradigm, I’ve been a pretentious douchebag for months now. I’m not a nerd, i’m just intelligent and mildly obsessive about a few, unrelated things. :3

So let’s explore the first point.

There could be several angles and/or reasons to this cultural shift taking the internet by gale (because it’s not a storm by any yardstick).

  • It’s an unexplored market for film and fashion industries and they are really milking the cow as much as they can. A lot of celebrities have taken to it, as covered by Smosh on their site, here
  • We’ve seen one too many shy-chick-gets-a-makeover-and-becomes-prom-queen flick and/or seasons of Beauty and the Geek, and are looking to emulate it.
  • Glasses and spectacles improved vastly in the looks department, and girls went wild from there. Sweaters are hot too.
  • Hipsters couldn’t find anything else, believing that all other departments were taken (Let’s face it: Hipster is an asymptotic synonym for fashionista. It’s the vicious cycle of fashion – The rich want to avoid looking like the poor so they dress differently, and the poor want to emulate the rich, so they eventually mimic their clothes (because that is SO much easier than emulating etiquette), forcing the rich to change, and so on).
  • A sizeable portion of girls (people in general, really) are insecure about themselves. It is possible that these girls are taking the opportunity to really actually come out into the open. However, it is again possible that such girls are few and far between.
  • A large number of girls are seeking attention by blindly emulating aforementioned celebrities, which is causing the outbreak.
  • Some of these girls are misinformed, as shown in the following image: Image

Don’t call me sexist. I’m not, and I will not entertain any such allegations.

Now, I will try to explore the reasons behind the second point – Why the internet is getting its knickers in a twist over this.

  • The internet is in large part made up of men and women who are largely socially oppressed, either by loved ones, or by that social hellhole called school (Don’t get me wrong. I loved school, I love learning, but school is a tough time for all kids, where peer pressure is tremendous).
  • With the advent of social networking, “the meatworld” moved in (obscure WoW reference. Please pardon me), and the socially oppressed people (henceforth referred to as Old Internet or S.O.P.) didn’t appreciate their bullies invading their turf and they lashed out.
  • The S.O.P. have a large intersection set with people who love video games, science fiction and comic books. So naturally, when the “bullies” started claiming territory, Old Internet lashed out in panic. However the internet is a large place, and it accommodated everyone, resulting in apathy, as shown here.
  • The S.O.P. hold a natural advantage of experience and intelligence on the webs, and it is very possible that the intoxication of power i.e. the chance to be the bullies themselves took them over. However, the S.O.P. fell into in-fighting, resulting in what we know today as YouTube comment feeds, and get-back-in-the-kitchen jokes.

(Side note: I strongly believe that the previous point, combined with the inherent property of anonymity and distance is what has made the internet such a hateful place.)

I’ll let Jim Sterling summarise for me: Watch Video

Hence, in conclusion, if I had to take a stand, I’d rather have such girls leave the gaming/comic/cartoon/online community alone, but I also know that it’s not going to happen. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how skewed/checkered/misinformed/ stupid/nihilistic it is, and we as insecure people will spend money we don’t have to buy things we can’t afford to impress people we don’t like. Yes I stole that line, but in my defense it’s a really, really good one.

If I could have one small thing, I’d have that the level of stupidity on the net comes down a bit. And everyone does something stupid or the other. I probably do too.

And with that, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to read my work. Please  Please feel free to comment, criticize, suggest and appreciate.

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See you across the wormhole to the indeterminate future where I write my next post.