A Call Center Associate Talks About Design and Self-Belief | Anwesha Gupta #TalkbackTuesday

#TalkbackTuesday number 66 – with Anwesha Gupta, and we talk about interior decor, Wipro, and believing in yourself.

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Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Ms. Anwesha Gupta. See her interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a weekly interview with everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

So, I am Anwesha Gupta. A little bit about myself – I am a very calm and composed woman. I am quite reserved and am dedicated to every work around me, be it in my professional or personal life.

I am currently working as an associate in Wipro Limited. Apart from that, my hobbies include designing and decoration. So I’m currently doing an interior decoration project of an office with my father.

In A Glance: Anwesha is a composed and reserved woman who works with Wipro and loves design. She is currently working on an office decor project.

2. Talk to me about the interior decoration project. What interests you about design in general? Since you’re changing an office, what considerations do you have to keep in mind?

For me, design is something that can create magic if structured properly. Who doesn’t likes designs that are eye-catchy, be it anything? When I was a child, I started off with a huge interest in papercraft. I used to make all sorts of designs that came to me at that time, just from little pieces of paper.

Later on it expanded to designing cups, bottles, wooden materials and walls. To me, if you can give life to lifeless things and bring a smile to the people looking, then only you make a cut. Rather than copying others, if creativity comes from your brain and heart, it will always be out of the box.

Anwesha Gupta #TalkbackTuesday
Anwesha believes in giving life to lifeless things through craft and design.

So whenever I take up a project, I talk to that person a lot. Because the more you talk, the more you can excavate their interests. I try to keep myself in their shoes and then start to work.

If it comes to modifying the look of an office it’s always important to see the position of each room. The colors of the wall. The proper mixtures of darks and lights. According to that comes the furnitures. I always prefer wooden furniture because it has its own beauty and royalty.

Followed by these come the curtains or vertical blinds for the windows. The flooring of the rooms also plays a big role. And most importantly space management. Decorative yet spacious. Lastly I concentrate on the wall decors.

3. What is your work at Wipro like? What do you enjoy about that work and how does the culture of Wipro suit you as a person?

So far, working at Wipro is great. I work there as an associate – I am a customer advisor for an international process. As I love talking to people, I think it’s the perfect job for me. Yes, sometimes it becomes too hectic, but the support you get from other employees is absolutely worth it.

Wipro is very concerned about their employees. They try to provide every comfort that we need while working. The work culture of Wipro is something that people always dream about. We are like a big family. We feel free to talk to any higher officials whenever we want to. People are always there to help out. You will never feel alone.

Wipro | Anwesha Gupta #TalkbackTuesday
Wipro is one of the largest IT companies in India and the world. (The logo is their copyright.)

The best thing about Wipro is how they train us to do our jobs. Even if we make mistakes, there is always someone to rectify.

Wipro is very concerned about their female employees. They have zero tolerance for harassment and misbehavior. If people get an opportunity to work here, they should never miss it. I’m very proud to be a part of Wipro and call myself a Wiproite.

4. Great. So as someone who feels fulfilled both professionally and creatively, what are your 3 best pieces of advice for feeling happy and fulfilled?

For me, I will say:
1. Try to believe in yourself in whichever situation you are, because nobody knows you better than you do yourself. You are your best friend and best adviser.

  1. Try to be organized and follow principles that suit you best. Try not to break them ever. Be confident about yourself, about the work that you do, and about the way you lead your life.

  2. And lastly don’t let your emotions die. Life is a messy road for everyone. You will fail multiple times but don’t let the light of hope vanish. Hold things within yourself, try to figure out the pattern in your ways. And never wear a mask for the sake of others like “log kya kahenge.” Don’t be fake. Be real. Be you.

In A Glance: Believe in Yourself. Find or create principles to live your life by. Savor your emotional self and let it shine.

5. Great. Finally, what can you leave the audience with? What should they explore next?

Well, if that’s the question I’ll talk about the profession that I’m currently doing – the Business Process Service industry. People have a misconception about BPS, or to be more specific, call centers.

Most of us think people who are done with everything join the BPS sector. People do not value this industry very much. And if you come from a technical background and have joined BPS sector then that person might have zero knowledge about technicalities.

Well I’m sorry to say you are very wrong. Before judging a sector have you tried to know about it properly? No. We are the people who help you out with most of the technical issues, whether it be your mobile operators, broadband services, PSTN services or whatever. We are the ones who resolve your issues with fast response and work all shifts to give people 24*7 service. So it is my wish that readers try to know the BPS industry better. Thank you.

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