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#TalkbackTuesday number 43 – with Debbie Hyde and David Durant, and we talk about the It’s All Good Radio show, and their advice for better communication.

Debbie Hyde David Durant #TalkbackTuesday

Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Ms. Debbie Hyde and Mr. David Durant. See their interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a weekly interview with everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person, and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what are your current respective side projects?

We are Debbie Hyde and David Durant. We write, produce and present a weekly radio show titled It’s All Good Radio Show, which is broadcast via RivieraFM worldwide. The aim of the show is to shine the spotlight on individuals, companies and organisations who are challenging the norm and changing the way we live and work for the better.

It is a two hour show in which we include a variety of features including “Things to Ponder About“, when David encourages listeners to reflect on an issue within society, such as manners or taking responsibility for your own health.

A section of the show is dedicated to highlighting initiatives from young people (of which they are many!) as well as showcasing innovations which help communities and can be replicated across the world (e.g. Human Libraries, community fridges etc).

All these topics are interspersed with a playlist of music from around the world, which we handpick.

RivieraFM | Debbie Hyde David Durant #TalkbackTuesday
You can listen to It’s All Good, for free, on Riviera FM or on (Click the image).

2. That sounds like a wonderful project! Please talk to me about the origins of the show. How did you get started, and how has your show evolved over time?

It’s All Good Radio Show was born in September 2012 as I was distressed and dismayed by the diet of negative and fear led reporting in the mainstream radio. I said to myself, “there must be people in the world doing good things that we’re not hearing about”.

And so I started to do my own research and unearthing stories. Then I started to share these on the show alongside a variety of music tracks. The following year, I started interviewing pioneers in different fields e.g. Polly Higgins and her commitment to introducing a law of ecocide, Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network, now in countries across the world etc. The show continued to develop from there.

I was distressed and dismayed by the diet of negative and fear led reporting in the mainstream radio. And so I started to do my own research and unearthing stories.

When we moved to Devon from Surrey in October last year, we wanted to find the right home for It’s All Good Radio Show. We were welcomed into the RivieraFM family and we started broadcasting from Devon in March this year.

David joined me as a co-host at that time. He has brought so much to the show in terms of challenging society norms and encouraging listeners to explore different ways of thinking and living.

3. So as a radio duo, how would you say your show has improved due to you guys playing off each other? How has your chemistry been, and what is it like working with the other person?

[Debbie] I think it’s more fun because we can bring more of our own lives into the show, which makes it more real. The show starts with creating our playlist together and deciding what to play and then sharing that with listeners. David is from Colombia and so Latin music is part of the repertoire and it’s so joyful.

I think having that musical joie de vivre in the show, alongside my desire to highlight the positive stories and people, creates great chemistry. What I also love is that having talked about a feature to the listeners, we can discuss our own thoughts between us on air too. [That is] something you can’t do when you are presenting solo!

The show starts with creating our playlist together and deciding what to play and then sharing that with listeners.

[David] Because we write the show together when it comes to presenting it, it just flows. Sometimes we do write parts of the show separately and it always comes as a pleasant surprise. [I feel] a sense of discovery listening to that part of the show. In my case, I sometimes get a little bit passionate about certain subjects and I love the way that Debbie reins me back in to ensure I don’t offend anybody!

4. As radio hosts, for the readers who perhaps struggle to communicate, what THREE tips/skills would you say are supremely important to know?

  1. Use simple, plain language and don’t be too clever with your language as you don’t know what level of understanding your listeners might have. Don’t use jargon. If you do use long words or words that people might not have heard before, spell them out.

  2. Speak slowly and clearly, so that your listener can fully hear what you have to say. Smile while you talk even if you can’t see the broadcaster. It changes the way you speak and the smile can be heard through the words.

  3. Be mindful of the impact of your words and the choice of language. These can impact someone’s perception and mood. All of us in the media have a responsibility for what we broadcast. We always want to ensure our listeners finish listening to our show feeling uplifted and hopeful.

5. Fantastic. Finally, how can the people listen to your show? And is there an idea or piece of content you’d like more people to explore?

It’s All Good Radio Show can be heard on Thursdays 5-7pm GMT and on Listen Again via

A big part of our show is helping people to recognise their conscious and unconscious choices in what they do and buy and how they live. One thing we would like listeners to recognise is how their individual choices greatly impact others across the world.

Asking ourselves if our choice is helping or harming another is an important question to ask every time we make a purchasing decision or even in the type of job we do and how we do it.

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