Divyansh Jain | #TalkbackTuesday

#TalkbackTuesday number 16 – with Divyansh Jain, and we talk about effort, relaxation, and movies.

Divyansh Jain | #TalkbackTuesday

Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Mr. Divyansh Jain. See his interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a feature for and about everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person, and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

So I am just the regular guy who wants to do it all and be everywhere. My main field is finance.

I did my B.Com (H) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. After that, I worked as an Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank in Mumbai and then in London for a year. Then I decided to come back and finish my education and am doing my articleship right now. I have my CFA Level 3 due this June and my CA final is due next year.

I’ve always been a big movie buff and wanted to be involved in that line in whichever way possible. But that was not going to work out, as my main field is way too disconnected from it.

So then Last September, I decided to start a movie review blog as it is something that does not need me to leave what I’m doing on a full time basis and yet keeps me close to my dear obsession over movies. So that is how my journey with Filmy Report Card started.

2. Considering that accounting is a demanding, full-time profession, how do you plan to balance your attention between that and your love for movies? How important is it for people in this generation to have a balanced life?

Yes, it does get difficult at times and most of the time the seniors in your office won’t really get it and will tell you that it is a distraction that you need to curb. And at the same time, this one line from Dead Poet’s Society [below] keeps me going.

“And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

I don’t review every movie. There is no hard-and-fast rule that I have to review every movie. If I have a busy weekend, I avoid it. I do it as per my convenience.

And in any field that you are, I truly believe every one needs a hobby.

You don’t necessarily have to make your passion your profession as you might not be able to do justice to either.

Divyansh Jain | #TalkbackTuesday
Too filmy for words, so here’s a picture.
However, there should be some force that cuts you off from every other worry that life has bestowed upon you and just gives you that kick. So for me, watching a movie is my meditation. Maybe playing an instrument is what works for someone else. But there has to be something.

3. So when does a passion turn into a profession? Where do you draw the line on the growth of one aspect of your life? If your film reviews take off, would you do that full time? Or would you try and manage both careers?

So we know that in today’s commercial era, you see people that believe in an idea and pursue it, but they have to change the aesthetics they believe in, just to be more commercial. That is what I meant by that line.

Passion into profession would be if I leave finance right now and do full-time blogging. Maybe it is too early to say what I’d do if my reviews take off. Because when I had started it, there was no end goal; it was just a hobby. And that is what it is now. So finance is what it shall be for now, but you never know what the almighty has planned ahead.

Divyansh Jain #TalkbackTuesday
Divyansh is a Jack of all trades, especially film.

4. How do you unwind and relax after a full day of work? What does a typical day look like for Divyansh Jain?

Well that isn’t a question I like.

It starts at 5 am when I get up for my CA tuition – head for office directly from there. In the evenings, after I return, it really varies. It will be any of the following – studying, watching a movie (obviously), chilling with family, heading out with friends.

[Settlers of] Catan is a board game that my gang is really into these days.

5. Great. Finally, do you have anything to plug? I imagine it’s your blog. Go ahead and pitch it.

I really believe that people should always take initiative to take the first step towards a distraction and not be afraid of it. Things fall into place – just like you and I both started a blog, both being very different, yet relevant for both of us individually. All the best to all.

Divyansh Jain | #TalkbackTuesday
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