Pulkit Nagpal | #TalkbackTuesday

#TalkbackTuesday number 28 – with Pulkit Nagpal, and we talk about Dubai, family life in India, and www.imadeit.in.

Pulkit Nagpal #TalkbackTuesday

Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Mr. Pulkit Nagpal. See his interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a feature for and about everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person, and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

My name is Pulkit Nagpal, and I was born and brought up in Delhi in a very big joint family. I hold a B.Tech and an MBA, and have 2 years of international work experience in Dubai.

I returned to my home town a year back to be an entrepreneur, to follow what i have always thought of, what I used to dream about.

Starting an online venture called www.imadeit.in, I am trying to build something unique for hidden, home-based artists around us, plus to do good for my country.

2. Talk to me about Dubai. Why did you decide to go there to work? How was your life there different from your experiences in India?

Ah Dubai, such an amazing place.

When I was pursuing my MBA, while every batch mate was busy planning what was next and looking for placement opportunities, I was riddled up somewhere and got a chance to sit for an interview for an international placement.

I was among the lucky 4 students in the entire batch of 300 to get that placement and I decided to kick start myself – DUBAI CALLING.

I was on Cloud 9 for 2 years, earning in Dirhams, driving my open roof mustang, amazing ladies around… but something was missing – family.

Wo kehte hai na, apna ghar apna ghar hota hai (You know what they say, your home is your own).

3. According to you, what were your key experiences in a joint family? How is it different from a nuclear family?

Life in a joint family is more fun. You don’t need any specific occasion to celebrate. You celebrate every day.

We don’t wish to go out to enjoy an India vs Pakistan cricket match. A joint family sitting together and watching a match is almost equivalent to seeing a match in a fully-packed Wankhede stadium.Joint Family | Pulkit Nagpal #TalkbackTuesday

You get to learn so many things. Moreover, it’s a joyous feeling when our grandfather or grandmother see all their grandchildren playing, enjoying and fighting together. How amazing they must feel to keep the family all together for so many years!

You love, you fight, you celebrate each and everything. I’m sure a nuclear family is also fun, but I have never experienced it and probably would never like to.

And this was one of my major reasons to return. I was missing everyone back home. All the chitchat with the huge family: iski shadi uski shadi fir tera number (This person’s marriage, that person’s marriage, then your turn), late night Maggi with cousins, teasing kids about small things.

Food made by grandpa, grandma, mother, chachi*, yum! See? Too many options! There is no need to go to a restaurant in search of amazing food, as you can find many great chefs under a single roof.

[*Note: Chachi is the Hindi term used to denote one of your aunts – the wife of the paternal uncle who is younger than your father.]

4. What does a typical day look like for you? What are the things you enjoy doing? How does your family factor into your daily life?

Hahaha, my days are difficult currently. I’m trying to build something which is new and probably untapped so far, so each day is a challenging one.

I do enjoy doing 4 things in day:

  1. Stopping people from throwing trash anywhere except dustbins
  2. Forcing people to obey traffic rules
  3. Making nice things out of waste
  4. Trying to make the city clean and beautiful.

[Also] papa ki daant or mummy ke hath ki roti ke bagair din toh hamesha adhura hi rehta hai (My day is always incomplete without my father’s scolding and my mother’s cooking).

5. Great, finally do you have anything you’d like the audience to go check out? It could be a product/business, or it could even be a song or idea.

Oh so many things. A sincere appeal to all the readers, please please keep your city and area clean. Don’t just accuse others who are making it dirty. Stopping them vinamrata se (with politeness) will also make a great impact.
Keep Your City Clean | Pulkit Nagpal #TalkbackTuesday
We are all busy in our daily life. We hardly get any time to check what is happening next door. Those days are gone when dadis (grandmothers) and mummies (mothers) used to sit with all the ladies of the neighbourhood and chitchat.
Everyone has gone digital… so we have made a digital platform where you can now see in your free time what is happening in your block/area/city.
Apart from big outlets and shops, there is for sure a hidden artist around you who is making some amazing creative things and it could be anything handmade or homemade. Get in touch with them and encourage them. Chat with them, and buy from them… these are the ones who are trying to turn their passion into a business.

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