#TalkbackTuesday: Week 4 – Godhuli Shrivastava

#TalkbackTuesday number 4 – with Godhuli Shrivastava, and we talk about transitioning between work and college.


Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday, which is where I feature people and interview them. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another, and realize it is just as complex and confusing and large as your own.

This week’s short interview is text-only. For this week, I spoke to my friend Godhuli Shrivastava. See below.

Note: This interview has been transcribed and translated from Hinglish (Hindi-English blend). It was recorded while walking down a pavement on a busy Saturday evening.

Q1. For the audience reading, who are you, what do you do? Please introduce yourself in the best way you can.

In a fest I’d taken part in, I’d been asked the same questions, and I had written a poem about me, 4 or 5 lines, I think, and I told them that, but I don’t have it on me now. [Go ahead and introduce yourself anyway.] Okay, so, I’m Godhuli Shrivastava. As of now, I’m pursuing an MBA in Finance and that is the thing I’m currently focused on. Apart from that, I like writing poems. I don’t do a lot of creative stuff like painting and stuff, but yeah a lot of poetry. Apart from that, I like dancing and… yeah, I think that’ll do.

#TalkbackTuesday - Godhuli Shrivastava | Thorough and Unkempt
The inspiration for Godhuli’s name (means “Washed with cow’s milk”)

Q2. I’ve known you for three years. In three years, I’ve never seen you dance once nor write a single poem or read it to us. (we both laugh) Are you sure you do these things?

Yes I do! (laughing) You have not met me enough! No, that’s really the answer. [Where can I find these poems?] Okay, so THAT is umm… this is how I’ve always done things – I… don’t usually share it with people, okay? So it’s like, I share it with the people I want to – they’ve read all of my poems – and the rest I don’t really publicize, and that maybe is the reason you don’t know about it. Very few people know that I write poems. Since you asked me to introduce myself, I suddenly felt like saying it, though I usually don’t say it to people. And for dancing, you’ll have to join me at a club!

Q3. Now you’ve made a transition from college to work and back to college. Which transition do you think is more important, and what stands out to you?

[Note: I lost a lot of audio here, so I don’t have the first part of the answer. Sorry about that. Here’s the second part.] Basically your learning after your job is more meaningful because you know what you want do with your life – the next step is towards a goal; it’s not a random step. During the job I had after graduation, I didn’t have any idea about any department or any aspect of the company. I just had a job. Now I know that the next job will be more meaningful because I know what I want to do.

Q4. You mentioned that there were several departments, or skillsets, required in your previous job. Which of those appeal to you most and why?

Investment Banking. They had a department of investment banking where we were the custodian bankers. So we had our clients, and we had to make portfolios for them, and a lot of other things. But I wasn’t capable of doing that, because I had a general business degree, which wasn’t enough. And now, I’m doing a course in my MBA called CISI which is into investment. It’s the Chartered Institute of [Standards and] Investment, and that will help me to do portfolios better. I think that was the area I liked the most and it is still appealing.

The next job will be more meaningful because I know what I want to do.

Q5. Investment Banking is pretty hard, I’ve heard. What do you see your turnaround time for going into the ideal job for you, and what do you think are the key things you need to do to get yourself ready for that position?

See the first thing on the list is getting the proper knowledge – so I’m trying to get as much certification as possible, as much knowledge as possible in my particular area. After that… turnaround depends on how you start working. Once I find myself a job and I start working, that’s when I realize how much I can put in and how much time it will take to have complete knowledge. I’m doing the theory but practice can only come when I do it, right?

Apart from that, [Investment banking] is tough because it has to do with clients, and you’ll never understand before you handle one. I cannot say whether it will be easy or difficult for me. I’m just trying to gain as much knowledge as possible, and I’ll be trying a three month internship coming up (in her college curriculum). So I’ll try doing it in one of those companies and see. Maybe it will work for me. If not, I’ll go for something else.

#TalkbackTuesday - Godhuli Shrivastava | Thorough and Unkempt
Fun fact: Godhuli is infamous for her Hangriness.

Q6. For the readers who are in that right age group, who are also making the transition from school to college to work, do you have any advice?

For those going from school to college to work… very different transitions so you can’t have the same advice for them, but one thing I’d say is don’t lose hope, because, I’ve seen people going from school to college and they’ll be like, “I want to go to one of the top colleges, I want to do something bigger. This and that.” They have high hopes, but I would say have smart goals [instead]. And don’t overvalue yourself, don’t undervalue yourself. That’s when a person finds what they actually want to do – it’s not that you have to get into something big to do something big. If you know how much you can put in, it’ll benefit you more, right?

Just let things come on your plate, and enjoy it. Enjoy life. It’s delicious.

So that’s what I would advise, (talking to me) because you, when you start doing all of [the things you do], you go through your sadness and depression, which further spoils your career. So don’t do that. Just let things come on your plate, and enjoy it. Enjoy life. It’s delicious.

Q7. As we close this interview, do you have anything to plug? I’ll put it in the blog. If not, do you have any parting words for the readers?

Nothing actually. But I will say that, I am… I don’t know, maybe. With this interview I should do [a project] soon. I don’t have anything yet (laughs) but I did once think of putting my poems up, but didn’t because I was too apprehensive. [Okay cool. Any parting words?] No. (we both laugh)

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