#TalkbackTuesday: Week 5 – Trace Morrison

#TalkbackTuesday number 4 – with Trace Morrison, and we talk about military aspirations and memes.


Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday, which is where I feature people and interview them. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another, and realize it is just as complex and confusing and large as your own.

This week’s short interview is text-only. For this week, I spoke to my friend Trace D. Morrison. See below.

Note: This interview was conducted over Facebook, so there is minimal editing.

Trace Morrison | #TalkbackTuesdays | Thorough and Unkempt
Here’s Trace in his perfect form.

Q1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current project/hobby/jam?

[His full name is Trace D. Morrison.] I am currently out of school, and don’t have any kind of job or anything like that at the moment. However, I’ll be starting some more schooling stuff soon so I can pursue a job in the military.

Q2. The military is an ambitious aim. How are you preparing for that life? Also, what drove you to that decision?

I feel like there isn’t a “correct” way to prepare for a life change like that. I honestly hope to improve myself physically, and improve my eligibility for the working world. My reason for wanting to join might seem cliche, but it’s a part of my goals and aspirations. I don’t have too much of a set path in life, and I’d really like to explore my potential in that type of life. I don’t see my life improving, nor going anywhere if I keep living the way I do right now. It’s a life change that will benefit me, hopefully in more ways than one.

[The military is ] a life change that will benefit me, hopefully in more ways than one.

Will of D - Trace Morrison | #TalkbackTuesday | Thorough and Unkempt
One Piece fans will recognize that Trace carries the Will of D.

Q3. How do you go about a day? Do you plan meticulously, or prefer to go with the flow?

I don’t have much of a “to do list” most days, so I can (and normally do) go with the flow of things. However, when planning something, I like to keep a steady schedule for things. Having a schedule keeps me stress free, hahah.

Q4. How does passion for the country factor into your aim? Is patriotism important to you?

Patriotism can be very complicated in the United States. I feel it’s misused quite a bit. I would like to fight not for my government, but for my countrymen, for they are our history and our future. I know that they aren’t normally threatened or anything like that, but that is because of the people in our military. I will try and stay off the subject of politics, but I love my country for the country, it’s people, and what it was meant to represent. Those things are more important to me than any political agenda.

Patriotism can be very complicated in the United States. I would like to fight for my countrymen, for they are our history and our future.

Q5. Do you think Feminazis hate the word ‘Patriotism’ like they hate the Patriarchy? In that vein, do they hate people named “Pat” and like people named “Matt”?

Well Tom, I think that most Feminazis just hate most people named Pat and Matt (one, and two Ts), but I’ll go ask the patriarchy-And It's gone - Trace Morrison | #TalkbackTuesday | Thorough and Unkempt

Q6. From what I see on Facebook, you’re quite meme-y. What’s your favourite meme at the time?

Favourite meme? Hmmm… Well I personally used to love the Doge memes (although many- understandably- hated it, so I’d have to say I really like the animal memes with the baby and parent animals. The one’s where the (for example) the puppy is barking, “Bork bork bork bork” and the parent is like “Stop it son you doin me a scare” That goofy stuff hits my funny spots in all the right ways and I absolutely love it.Stop it Son - Trace Morrison | #TalkbackTuesday | Thorough and Unkempt

Q7. Last question, and I always ask this – got anything to plug – a project or video or something? If not, any parting advice or words for the readers?

Well, I’m a part of a small YouTube group, but we haven’t quite got everything figured out yet, so I’ll give the readers something honest, and something fun. I find truth in something I heard recently. Depression and sadness is comfortable, it takes effort to get yourself out of a place like that. But with time and some effort, you’ll find yourself in a viably (or should I say, VAIably)* better place. Also, go check out a song called Trippin’ in the Basement by Night Gaunts. It’s a real fun and happy song that I absolutely love. Thanks for having me!! 😀

[* I have a few friends in foreign countries from a common interest group and they call me Vai, pronounced ‘Why’. I’m guessing Trace read my blog.]

MS Paint - Trace Morrison | #TalkbackTuesdays | Thorough and Unkempt
Trace is also an expert artist, as you can see.


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