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#TalkbackTuesday number 53 – with Xenon Phoenix, and we talk about music, sound engineering, and his EP.

Hi, and welcome to #TalkbackTuesday. This week’s interview is with Mr. Xenon Phoenix (stage name). See his interview below.

Talkback Tuesday is a weekly interview with everyday people. It is always inspirational to look into the life of another person, and realize it is just as complex and large and confusing as your own.

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

Hey, I’m an aspiring independent hip-hop artist. I’ve been releasing stuff since 2014 under my alias, Xenon Phoenix. My genre is Alternative Hip-hop.

Besides music, I’m also learning sound engineering in Pune as a degree course. My current side project is a duo act with Kidd Kayos, a rapper based in Denver, Colorado. We are currently working on an EP, which will be out soon.

2. Tell me about your EP. How’d you meet Kidd Kayos, and how has this project excited and fulfilled your passion for music?

Well, the EP holds 6 tracks. 1 is out already, the other 5 are still in the works. We haven’t thought of a name yet.

I came across Kidd Kayos via Facebook back in 2012. He was featured on my first single, released back in 2014. Ever since then, we’ve had a strong bond and in 2017, we formed a duo.

Kidd and I have always wanted to do something together. Our first track was featured in well-known blogs like ‘Run the Trap’, EDM Sauce, Ask Men India, and more. So I’m pretty excited about what happens next and how our audience will react to it.

Kidd Kayos was featured on my first single in 2014. Ever since then, we’ve had a strong bond.

I’m still pursuing this from ground zero to take it to the next level, so I’m happy with the reactions we had on our last single. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but we are ready to face it.

3. You said you’re studying sound engineering. Do you think that knowledge will complement your musical aspirations? Should more aspiring artists study music theory and sound engineering, and why?

I don’t know shit about music theory, pardon my french. But this course has really helped me to open new doors and connect me with a lot of faces in the industry, so I’m really thankful for that.

I don’t think every aspiring artist needs to go for sound engineering. If they are making good music and getting recognition, that’s enough.

Xenon is completely committed to his music career.

Music will always be there, but I wanted to do something on the side to make ends meet. So I had to convince my parents about this course and come to Pune all the way from Bengal. If it had been any other engineering, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on music that much.

4. So given that you’re trying to find yourself in music and working towards it, what are 3 goals you want to achieve in the next 2 years? How do you want to see yourself grow?

In the coming years, I’m ready for whatever comes to me. I can’t really categorize my goals for now: maybe drop a hit record, debut at a big music festival, or work with someone really inspiring.

As long as the audiences are streaming and buying my music. it’s helping me grow. I don’t know what the future holds next, but I’m excited about the takeover.

5. Great. Finally, what would you like to leave the audience with? What can they explore?

Well, they can stream my music video here:


If they like it, they can subscribe to my YouTube channel for new content.

For further support, they can also purchase my merchandise available here: https://www.rdklu.com/collections/xenon-phoenix.
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