WWE: Cesaro-Sheamus Feud should Kick off with a Double Turn

I explain my ideas to resuscitate Sheamus and Cesaro’s careers.

The mid-card is a place with a surprisingly plunging depth and a heavily blurred boundary with the under-card. Both Cesaro and Sheamus are too well-known and talented to be under-carders. You don’t see them job to anyone. But seriously, there is no one in the mid-card picture with less heat than these two, and Sheamus is the bloody United States Champion. Shortage of use and/or story line has made the US title uneventful and meaningless. Dean Ambrose’s extended reign as champion was cursed with anonymity because of Ambrose’s Shield storylines – so much that Sheamus winning the title was a welcome change.

Unfortunately, that ended there. Sheamus hasn’t been featured much on television, and his babyface run as a understudy John Cena and a bad joker became stale a long time ago. I don’t know if being a babyface helps Sheamus do more promotional and marketing work for WWE, but it does not do well for his in-ring career, which should be of prime importance to him and to WWE. The irony is that he has played a very brutal monster heel in the past. His flaming ginger hair and eerie white complexion can be extremely menacing with the right expressions on his face.

Would you like to mess with this?
Would you like to mess with this?

Instead of languishing about with a forgotten title, he should drop the belt and move on to more savage pastures.

And then we have (Antonio) Cesaro, the man who can’t get over. He debuted as an excessively aggressive rugby player, then Aksana’s lover, then (surprise!) United States champion, then not the champion, then a Real American under Zeb Colter, then an over guy because of the swing, then the winner of the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania, then a Paul Heyman guy, then a Heyman guy with new music, then a Heyman guy with a towel and a ridiculously swaggered walk, then not a Heyman guy, then a guy with no gimmick, where he currently stands. (Ignored his past NXT feud with Sami Zayn)

Of all these tweaks and changes in his character, his most successful buzz has been in the first quarter of 2014, when he started using the Giant Swing manoeuvre as part of the Real Americans. He was regularly getting cheers for it and that is when WWE decided to push him by breaking him from the team, getting him to win the Memorial Battle Royal and work with the marketing genius Paul Heyman. Unfortunately his status as a babyface/heel was very foggy, with the Swing being a face move and Heyman being a heel guy. Also his foreign heritage and smugness lends to heel-ish tendencies. Now he’s no longer with Heyman, if he drops his smug character and becomes a quiet tough struggler, his exceptional wrestling skills might just get him over with the fans.

Hence, Night of Champions is a very appropriate night to jump-start both of these guy’s failing careers. Have Cesaro fight the good fight and win the belt, only to have an irate Sheamus hit him with everything and leave him lying on the ground. It would be interesting to see Cesaro play either the victim or the foil to Sheamus’ ruffian villain. Both are exceptionally talented wrestlers and agile big men, and Sheamus has enough charisma to pull an excellent feud full of hard-hitting fights out of this, and hopefully restore some interest in these men and the US Championship.