WWE: Seth Rollins will Benefit from a Mid-card Title Reign

Seth Rollins needs to spend time being relevant up till Wrestlemania season. He should pick up a mid card title during that time.

Seth Rollins holds a time bomb in his hands in the form of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Whether that blasts a path for him to the top or blows up in his face is a matter of very fine timing. While he waits for the day he cashes in his contract for real, he might as well make good use of his time and position in the authority to capture a title and boost his stock value.

A while ago, Bleacher Report’s Alfred “Big Nasty” Konuwa wrote a great article about how Seth Rollins’ Win-Loss record should be protected if he is to be legitimized as a true superstar. This is especially true if we consider Rollins’ unique situation:

  • He is the first MitB holder to challenge for the unified WWE WHC belt. This is of significant importance because with the combination of the titles, WWE has clearly demarcated, at least on-screen, that the champion is the single most important alpha male on the roster. He is the “face of the company”, so to speak and an MitB contender needs to be at the same level.
  • The current champion is Brock Lesnar. Even if we put aside the heel vs heel situation, the way Lesnar and Rollins have been individually booked leaves no credible growth scale for Rollins to realistically beat Lesnar for the title, even if Lesnar goes through twenty tables, a bed of thumbtacks and a layer of burning coal.
  • Rollins’ character is both prince of and lapdog to The Authority. He is repeatedly booked to look dominant and athletic, but only after a lot of cowardly running or getting helped by “Uncle Kane”, as Dean Ambrose would say. While this suits the “hit-and-run” nature of MitB, it won’t help cement Rollins’ as a dangerous competitor after the MitB contract angle is done because of his lean look and stature.

My predictions for the WWEWHC stands as thus: Lesnar will again beat Cena at Night of Champions and will hold the title till WrestleMania, where he will drop it to the winner of the Royal Rumble, either of John Cena, a returning Daniel Bryan, or most probably, Roman Reigns. At this point, Rollins will cash in the contract successfully for the greatest moment of his young WWE career, or Dean Ambrose will continue to thwart him till the contract expires.

Which begs the question, what does Rollins’ do until WrestleMania?

If it is given that Rollins’ needs to be built up by winning more and more matches and made to look dominant, then he might just benefit from either a Intercontinental or US Championship run. It will also make the championship look good and gain much needed relevance.

At this point, it is pretty much guaranteed that Rollins will be on television week in and week out. As the Authority’s golden boy and “Plan B” element, he is constantly put into matches and feuds to enhance his career. Currently, he looks to be entering a feud with Roman Reigns, which means that he might just come out on the losing end, as WWE continues to make Reigns look unstoppable. If that happens, getting Rollins to win either title will bounce him right back up. Even if the titles don’t mean much nowadays, being seen with them still enhances and elevates your look, and also boosts your resume. Seth Rollins only has one NXT championship run and one Tag Team championship run under his belt in the WWE, and having him hold a mid-title makes sense before pushing him into the WHC picture.

Finally, holding a belt will help Authority storylines as well in a multitude of ways. WWE could run a domination angle with the Authority where they hold all the belts (e.g. Nikki Bella takes Divas title, Kane and Orton take Tag titles, Lesnar the hired gun holds the WHC and Rollins and another guy e.g. Cesaro holding IC and US titles). They could turn Rollins face after Orton insults him for holding a “weaker” belt and starting a feud. They could potentially run a title merge angle too, if rumours are to be believed.

So the final question is this: Which title should Rollins carry with the MitB briefcase? The Intercontinental Championship certainly looks better, is enjoying more attention currently, and is held by a babyface Dolph Ziggler so it is ripe for the taking. However, I think The Miz’s current Hollywood gimmick is far too entertaining and the IC title acts as a crutch for that angle, so it shouldn’t be taken away. The United States Championship however is cold as your ex-girlfriend’s heart right now, and if Sheamus doesn’t turn heel like he should, then Rollins should take that title from him and carry it at least until the Royal Rumble in dominant fashion, where he can drop it and then concentrate on his MitB briefcase angle. The US title could use all the attention it gets right now.

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