WWE: Show-Wyatt, not Show-Lesnar

An analysis on how a feud with Big Show could resuscitate a fading Bray Wyatt.

Earlier this month, there were rumours floating around that Big Show would be Brock Lesnar’s next tree to fell.

However recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown have showcased a budding Bray Wyatt and Big Show rivalry. This I believe is the right move.

Pushing Show into the title picture makes zero sense. Despite strong showings in recent weeks, I don’t think he has nearly enough heat to get into a Lesnar situation, let alone Lesnar with the title. Also, it does nothing for Brock.

Luckily, WWE went with a DQ loss for Lesnar at Night of Champions, meaning we will likely see a rubber match between Cena and Lesnar.

And this might do great good for Bray Wyatt. A few weeks ago in Raw’s tag team main event, Wyatt got violently pushed by Show into the corner, and Wyatt responded by laughing  maniacally. It was an entertaining spot, which I suspect wasn’t planned and may have led to this budding feud.

The Wyatt train has slowed down post his feud with Chris Jericho. What seemed like a dream run on paper didn’t deliver due to a lack of buildup and a missing story. However, their cage match on Raw was a great step in the recovery of Wyatt.

Now that laugh spot mentioned earlier, and Wyatt’s promo about him being David to Show’s Goliath present the possibility of a working angle. A feud with a veteran Big Show – a healthy, light, sunset-flipping Big Show – might do wonders for Wyatt, as he attempts to take down an opponent who is stronger, taller, heavier, more experienced and now, arguably faster than him. With a focus on Wyatt being outclassed in a physical context, WWE can bring out Wyatt’s crazy nature and daredevil attitude, showcasing him as a uniquely fiendish monster.
Hopefully, third feud’s the charm for a fading Wyatt.


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